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W e l c o m e !


Are you feeling depressed, anxious, fearful, irritable, bored or just plain "stuck"? Together we will work through these overwhelming feelings so you can develop more effective coping strategies and feel better about yourself.


The decision to begin working with a therapist is never easy. But you are not alone in your experiences. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to examine these feelings and to gain insight into maladaptive coping mechanisms that you may be relying upon such as: isolating, restricting, binging/purging, cutting, drug or alcohol abuse, or other self harm behaviors.


We will also be curious about the impact of past life experiences -- and how they may have contributed to your current circumstances.  At Manhattan Psychoanalytic Therapy, the goal of treatment is to develop more useful strategies to deal with thoughts and feelings and to explore new opportunities to connect with self.


Please call or send an email to learn more about getting started. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you as you move forward in this process. 


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Manhattan Psychoanalytic Therapy

25 Central Park West, Suite 1-I

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